Adopt a Creek this Spring!

We have 6 stretches along Nine Mile Creek that need your help with trash pick up (zoom in and the small 4 and 5 sites will pop up). We need volunteers to adopt these creek stretches to stop trash from flowing into the creek and harming aquatic life.

Click on the green strips along the creek to learn how to best approach these sites. Sites 4 and 5 are perfect for people who are looking for small projects. Sites 2 and 3 are better for larger groups. Interested in adopting one of these sites this spring? Sign up here:
Sign Up!

You can rent out safety materials at Discovery Pointโ€”just email Gael at Staff can also provide trash bags and work gloves if needed.

Adoptions only require one aggressive pick up in early spring before plants start to grow. Creek check-ins throughout the spring and summer are encouraged. Please report how many bags of trash you collect here: Wufoo form