Due to the Governor’s stay at home order, the Hopkins Valley Park Trash Cleanup is now an Adopt a Drain campaign instead.

Family cleans out stormdrainAdopt a Drain Hopkins (replacing Valley Park Trash Clean Up to encourage social distancing)

Date: Saturday, May 9, 2020

Time: Whenever works with your schedule

Location: A drain near you!

How: Go to adopt-a-drain.org/, type in your address, and click on a stormdrain near your home. Give it a name, and pledge to clean out the grate of sticks and trash for a year.

Help clean up trash around your neighborhood while practicing social distancing! Use a rake, gloves, and or a broom and dustpan to clear the debris from the top grate. Make sure to clear a drain on a side street, never the busy main streets. You can find more helpful tips at adopt-a-drain.org/#how-to-clear-a-drain

Contact Gael with questions: gzembal@ninemilecreek.org or 952-204-9691


Logo for adopt a drain programCity of Hopkins logo

and the City of Hopkins Police Department