Grant Funds Available

Shoreline Restoration Photo by: Bush Lake Izaak Walton League, Grant Funded Project
Shoreline Restoration, Photo by: Bush Lake Izaak Walton League

Grant Money Available in 2018

Funds are available in 2018 for projects that help protect the water and natural resources of the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District. Grants are available to residents, associations, nonprofits, schools, businesses, and cities for projects located within District boundaries. Projects such as raingardens, pervious pavers, native habitat restoration and shoreline plantings are eligible for funding through the grant program. Many of these projects are also beneficial to pollinators, birds and wildlife since they include a variety of Minnesota native plants.


Grants will be awarded for up to 75% of a project’s cost, on a reimbursement basis, for materials, labor, engineering, and consulting fees. The minimum grant award is $500.

Maximum grant award:

  • $3,000 for residential projects
  • $10,000 for townhome, condominium, or lake associations
  • $25,000 for commercial, government, or nonprofit projects

Cost Share Information Session

An information session is planned from 5:30 to 7 PM Wednesday, February 21 in the Interpretive Room at the District’s office, 12800 Gerard Dr, Eden Prairie. The session will provide more information about eligible projects and how to apply. Applications are due Friday, March 30, 2018. Applications and grant guidelines are available on the Cost Share page.

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Need Help?

Want to run through a project idea or ask questions about your application? Contact Erica, Program and Project Manager, at 952-358-2276 or