Grant applications are due March 20, 2020 by 4 PM.

How to apply for a cost share grant

Follow the steps below to apply for a cost share grant. Grant applications are due March 20, 2020 by 4 PM. There are four parts to an application:

  • Cost Share Application
  • Project Form
  • Plant List Form (if applicable)
  • Project Budget Form

For questions, contact Erica at 952-358-2276 or

Step 1: Read the guidelines

Read the cost share guidelines. The guidelines provide necessary information about the District’s cost share grants.

Cost Share Program Guidelines

Beginning in 2020, the District is using a project scoring form to assist in prioritizing projects for funding. Read how cost share grants are reviewed.

Step 2: Fill out a cost share application

Fill out the cost share application (available as a PDF or Word document). This is the base application that all applicants must fill out.

Cost Share Application (PDF)

Cost Share Application (Word)

Step 3: Fill out a project form

Pick your project type and fill out the project form in Word or PDF. A project form is required for all applications. If your project type is not listed, contact the District at least three weeks prior to the application deadline at 952-358-2276.


What is a raingarden? A raingarden is a planted depressions that collects stormwater runoff. Plants with deep roots helps the runoff soak into the ground. As the water soaks into the ground, it becomes cleaner.

Raingarden Project Form (PDF)

Raingarden Project Form (Word)

Example Raingarden Form

Shoreline Buffer

What is a shoreline buffer? A shoreline buffer is a vegetated area of land adjacent to a water body, designed to intercept polluted runoff before it reaches the water body.

Shoreline Buffer Project Form (PDF)

Shoreline Buffer Project Form (Word)

Example Shoreline Buffer Form

Permeable Pavers

What is permeable pavement? Permeable pavements/pavers allow stormwater runoff to soak into the ground to an underlying stone reservoir for infiltration into native soils.

Permeable Pavers Project Form (PDF)

Permeable Pavers Project Form (Word)

Example Permeable Pavers Form

Native Restoration

What is native restoration? A native restoration includes restoring native plants, wildlife habitat, and other activities that lead to a healthier ecosystem. A healthy ecosystem is one well suited to function naturally by doing things such as providing habitat, filtering water, and regulating climate. Landscaping alters land for aesthetics or human functionality. Landscaping is not eligible for grant funding.

Native Restoration Project Form (PDF)

Native Restoration Project Form (Word)

Example Restoration Project Form

Chloride Reduction

What is chloride reduction? A chloride reduction project is a practice that reduces excess salt used on roads/parking lots/sidewalks.

Chloride Reduction Project Form (PDF)

Chloride Reduction Project Form (Word)

Example Chloride Project Form

Step 4: Fill out a plant list form (if applicable)

If your project type uses plants, fill out the applicable plant list. In order to receive reimbursement for plants, you must select plants from the District provided lists. If you choose to use other plants that you will pay for with match, fill out this form.

Raingarden Plant List Form (PDF)

Shoreline Buffer Plant List Form (PDF)

Restoration Plant List Form (Excel)

Restoration Plant List Form (Google Sheets)

Step 5: Fill out a budget form

Use the provided budget form to provide detail about the expected costs of your project. Refer to the Cost Share Program Guidelines about eligible and ineligible expenses.

Cost Share Budget Form (PDF)

Cost Share Budget Form (Excel)

Step 6: Review your application

Check your application for completeness using the table below.

Application Checklist

Optional: Draft Application Review by Nine Mile Creek Staff. Submit a draft application to by March 13 for review and feedback.Staff will provide brief comments on your application for your consideration before you submit your final application.

Step 7: Submit

Submit your final application, project forms and budget by March 20th, 2020 by 4 PM.

  • By email (preferred) to:
  • By mail to: Nine Mile Creek Watershed District, Attn: Erica, 12800 Gerard Dr, Eden Prairie, MN 55346

We only have one cost share application deadline per year. We do not accept late or incomplete applications.


Are You in the Watershed?

Using the Hennepin County Natural Resources Interactive Map

Hennepin County Natural Resources Map

Determining Approximate Raingarden Surface Areas

BMP Cost Estimate Flier (PDF)

Native plant suppliers and landscapers in Minnesota (DNR website)


Have questions on the application process or about your project? Contact Erica, Program & Project Manager, at 952-358-2276 or