9/21 7:00 PM Board of Managers Meeting
9/23 5:00 PM Photo Contest Submission Deadline
10/12 6:00 PM CAC Meeting
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Employment Opportunity - District Administrator

Planning Grants Available for Nonprofits

Summer Education Series

Request for Proposals for Professional Services

2016 Photo Contest

Permit Submittal Deadline

Public Information Meeting - Edina Streambank Stabilization Project

Nine Mile Creek Species Checklist


Citizen Advisory Committee | Education | Outreach | Training Opportunities | Volunteer Opportunities | Salt & Snow Removal | Summer Education Series | Grants

Education and Outreach

The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District is committed to protecting and preserving the water resources of the Nine Mile Creek Watershed. One way it is able to do so is through education and outreach. Every year, staff, volunteers, and members from the CAC take part in activities reaching out to members of the community.

In addition, the District provides training opportunities for educators, city professionals and eager learners. The district also has volunteer opportunities. Please see below for further details on each of these programs.

Salt and Snow Removal

Tips for using less salt
Choosing a deicer
Hiring a snow removal contractor

Cost Share Grants

Citizen Advisory Committee

Summer Education Series


Native Plants
Pervious Surfaces
Shoreline/Streambank Restoration
Water Conservation
Yard Care


Earth Day Clean-Up
Raingarden Workshops
Remodeling Fair Exhibitor
Summer Education Series

Training Opportunities

Citizen Assister lake Monitoring Program (CAMP)
Project Wet Certification (can be taken for CEUs)
Summer Turf Maintenance with Reduced Environmental Impacts
Winter Maintenance of Roads Workshop (targeted to roads professionals)
Winter Parking Lot and Sidewalk Maintenance

Volunteer Opportunities

Citizen Advisory Committee
Creek and Lake Monitoring
Storm Drain Marking